Friday, October 13, 2017

Black Cat Awareness and Adoptions

Did you know that black cats are less likely than any other coat pattern to get adopted? It continually amazes me that this ridiculous superstition has prevailed for so long. Black cats are just as loving, precious, and wonderful as any other cat, and equally deserving of a forever home. So many people miss out the opportunity to have a tiny house panther, just because they are stuck in the Middles Ages, still believing that black cats are witches in disguise or cause bad luck.

Allow me to introduce my black cat, Merlin. We adopted Merlin from the local shelter a little over a year ago, and he has rocked our world. He was about 5 weeks old (we believe his mother was killed, resulting in a litter of teeny tiny kittens being left alone in the world :( ), and he was so, so sick. When we got this little guy, he had a respiratory infection and gunky eyes, plus we had to bottle feed him while he adjusted to eating normal kitten chow.

We had to get up and give him his meds every six hours and bottle feed him. BTW if you have never bottle-fed a kitten, it is literally the most adorable thing in the world. We honestly weren’t sure if the little guy would make it. Happily, he pulled through and is now a healthy, energetic member of our family now.

A healthy Merlin :)

Some of Merlin’s hobbies include:
Sitting like a human
Watching TV
Flopping on people’s feet
Chasing the red dot
Playing video games
Playing with his siblings
Taking long naps

Sitting like a little human.

Can I play too?

Merlin and Sherlock

As you can see, his list does not include “stealing souls” or “summoning demons” or anything of the other things black cats are typically accused of doing. Merlin is a wonderful addition to our family, and I am so happy I looked beyond the superstition and adopted my very own tiny house panther.

When it comes time to add another fur baby to your family, please consider adopting a black cat. Save a life, adopt!

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