Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Off the Shelf- The Outsider by Stephen King

I haven't done an "Off the Shelf" post in a while, but since reading is my all-time favorite hobby in the world, I promise to post about books more regularly! Here is my review of Stephen King's new book! 

Title: The Outsider 
Author: Stephen King
Number of Pages: 577

While visiting a cool little bookstore in Tampa, Florida, I picked up the latest Stephen King novel, The Outsider. Once I started reading it, I almost just wanted to stay in the hotel room and read! This book was impossible to put down. 

The first section reads a bit like a legal thriller, then things get Kingified… This novel opens with the shocking and horrific murder of a small-town boy. All the evidence points to the town’s baseball coach, Terry. The town feels betrayed by this man they trusted with their children. Meanwhile, he insists that he is innocent, despite all evidence to the contrary. What will happen when both the evidence and the alibi are iron-clad? Can someone be in two places at once? 

Despite being over 500 pages, I finished this book in just a few days. The eerie small town that is plagued by an unspeakable evil is Stephen King at his finest! 

Don't pass this one up!!! Get your copy at the Amazon link below: 

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