Saturday, June 24, 2023

Off the Shelf: The Phoenix Prince by William F. Burk


Good Morning, 

About a year ago, I was fortunate enough to discover a fantasy series by local author William Burk and get an autographed copy. I loved the first book in the Sword/Eye series (read that review here) and was not disappointed in the second!

This is a fun, fast-paced fantasy read from cover to cover. Following the stories of three sets of companions, this story sees the return of favorite characters from the first book and the introduction of some great new characters.  I really enjoy the magical system in these books, sometimes it gives me Shadow and Bone vibes (different forms of magic that are inherited, such as Projection, etc.). Fantasy is a genre where the pace sometimes slows for world-building, but Burk does a fantastic job of keeping the story fast-pasted and action-packed as we learn about the various races and their complicated relationships, plus the multiple gods and goddesses. Excellent continuation of the series and I cannot wait to find out how Lukas, Nox, and the others stave off The End of the World! 

I would like to extend a big thank you to Mr. William Burk for my autographed copy of his latest book! 

If you are looking for a fun fantasy series, grab your copy from Amazon here!

I'd also like to encourage you to check out William Burk's website to check out his other works and to keep an eye on any new releases. 

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