Monday, December 17, 2018

My Year with Agatha: Miss Marple Series Wrap-Up

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Good Afternoon Everyone! 

Wow, what an Autumn/ Winter this has been. My family has been going through a rough time dealing with family issues, illness, and the passing of my grandfather. During it all, I've managed to squeeze some reading, but not much writing in. Hopefully, the next few months will be more peaceful and I will be able to post regularly again!

While bouncing back and forth between hospital visits, I was able to wrap up the Miss Marple series. I adore Miss Jane Marple! You know you've read a great series when you miss the characters once it's over. Here is a brief summary (spoiler-free, as always!) of the last few Miss Marple books! 


This one ties in with A Carribean Mystery. Mr. Rafiel leaves Miss Marple an inheritance upon his death, with strings attached. If she can solve a mystery, she will inherit a large sum of money. However, in his mischievous manner, Mr. Rafiel leaves her almost no clues to work from. Can Miss Marple figure out the puzzle Mr. Rafiel left behind? 

Sleeping Murder

Ok, this one might be my new favorite in the series. When a young couple purchases a house, it triggers strange memories in Mrs. Reed. Is this a memory of hers? Or is it a message from beyond? The Reeds call upon Miss Marple's expertise to help discover the secrets of the house they have purchased. 

Miss Marple: The Complete Short Stories

I love short stories. This included a ton of stories, including those I previously read in The Thirteen Problems (which I wish I'd know before I ended up buying them twice... lol). The short stories don't spoil anything in the books, so if you aren't sure where to start, you could start with this one. :) 

Have you ever read a book/ series where the characters start feeling like friends? I'm already missing Miss Marple, Raymond West, and other members of the St. Mary Mead community! Oh well, I guess I'll make new friends in the Poirot series! ;) 

Happy Reading!