Saturday, December 07, 2019

Off the Shelf: The Hunt by Jacqueline Terrill and First Christmas at Pemberley by Grace Sellers

Happy Saturday! 

Hope everyone had a fantastic week! It was hard to get back in the groove of things after having time off for Thanksgiving, but these great reads made up for it! 

While trying to repair her rocky marriage, Rachel Blackstone is floored by the change in her formerly sweet, attentive husband, Seth. When she finds out that they are about to lose their home, she moves back in with her parents, only to be shocked with divorce papers. Rachel soon uncovers a web of lies and deceit that encompasses the entire Blackstone family. This book was a non-stop thriller! Could not put it down! 

Mr. and Mrs. Darcy are celebrating their first Christmas at Pemberley as husband and wife. With Elizabeth expecting their first child, a house full of guests, and a snowstorm approaching, they are set for a Christmas to remember! When one of the kittens Darcy gave Georgianna escapes,  she and one of the guests must venture out to save it from the cold. This was a quick read at only eighty-six pages, but I loved every bit of it! A must-read for fans of Jane Austen and cats. 

I cannot wait to try more works by Jacqueline Terrill and Grace Sellers, I loved both these books!  

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