Saturday, August 25, 2018

My Year with Agatha: Miss Marple series part II

Good Morning Everyone!

Hope Y'all had a great week! My year with Agatha continues with the next couple of books in the Miss Marple series. This quirky sleuth really grows on you! So far, these books have been relatively short (under 350 pages), so I've been able to breeze through these. They make great summer reading! 

The Moving Finger 
I'm going to be honest, I had a lot of trouble getting into this one. Granted, there were a ton of outside factors that messed with my concentration (family emergencies, car accidents, etc.) so I don't feel the book was entirely to blame. The premise was good, a wounded veteran and his sister move to what they hoped was a peaceful little town where he can rest and regain his strength. Then, a rash of anonymous letters, making the most scandalous accusations, start showing up... The only off-putting thing with the story is that Miss Marple doesn't show up until roughly fifty pages before the ending, resulting in a deus ex machina feel. That being said, the book was worth a read but I probably won't revisit it. 

A Murder is Announced
Now this novel is what I expect from a Miss Marple story! A mysterious announcement in the newspaper, nosy neighbors, a murder in the first couple of chapters, no idea who is guilty (it seems like everyone probably did it!). I read this book in a day. This has been my favorite Miss Marple so far! 

They Do It With Mirrors
When Miss Marple is warned that one of her dear friends may be in danger, she goes for a visit to discover the villain. Who could possibly have evil intentions toward her sweet and trusting friend? Then, a murder occurs in the household. Was the victim the intended target all along, or was the shot meant for Miss Marple's friend? Miss Marple must help the detectives find the killer and stop them before anyone else gets hurt (or worse). Love the twist in this one! 

Next Up: A Pocket Full of Rye. 

Loving this series thus far! If you are interested in following along with the Year with Agatha Reading Challenge, or just want to try a few of her books, you can purchase them from Amazon at these links: 

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