Friday, September 07, 2018

My Year with Agatha: Miss Marple Part IV

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Happy Friday and Happy Reading! This week I was able to squeeze in a few more Agatha Christie books (mostly while sitting at the hospital while visiting my grandpa). Here are the reviews of the next two Miss Marple books! 

The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side
This book made me so sad at first. It opens with a Miss Marple who is feeling her age. The Jane Marple of this book is not her sprightly little self I've grown to love. Instead, she is being cared for by home care nurse and seems quite frail. :( Tore my heart. Her mind and observation skills, however, as are sharp as ever! Gossington Hall, the infamous home that featured in The Body in the Library, has been sold to superstar Marina Gregg and her current husband. At a party showcasing the remodeled home, one of the guests is poisoned. Miss Marple is called upon again to determine who would poison a well-known and respected member of the local community, and who would dare in front of so many witnesses? I enjoyed this book overall, but it was the first in this series where I anticipated the ending a few chapters in advance. 
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A Caribbean Mystery 
Love this one! It opens with Miss Marple relaxing on an island holiday, which is a delightful mental image lol. It's hard to imagine Miss Marple taking it easy. She doesn't get to enjoy her vacation long though! While talking to fellow guests, she meets a man who offers to show her a "snapshot of a murderer." The next morning, the man is found dead in his hotel room. At first, his death is written off as a case of high blood pressure, but Miss Marple knows that something doesn't add up. Can she uncover the murderer without ending up in danger herself? 
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Have I mentioned how much I'm enjoying this reading challenge? I may do more of these author focus challenges in the future...

Any suggestions? Do any of you have a favorite author to binge read? Leave me a comment or suggestion! :)

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