Saturday, September 14, 2019

Off the Shelf: The Terror by Dan Simmons

Good Afternoon Readers, 

This book was intense! Part action/adventure, part horror, The Terror was a page-turner from start to finish. Based on an actual Arctic expedition to the Northwest Passage, Simmons provides us with a fictional account of the doomed Erebus and Terror, captained by Sir John Franklin and Sir Francis Crozier. Along the way, they face myriad dangers and challenges, including hungry polar bears, diminishing rations, scurvy, and a monstrous snow beast that stalks their every move. 

If you like historical fiction or alternate histories with horror elements (think Anno Dracula or Twelve), then you should check out this book! 

I've not watched the AMC mini-series based on this book, has anyone read it and thought it lived up the book? Leave comments in the section below! 

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