Sunday, July 15, 2018

My Year with Agatha: Miss Marple series

This week, I started reading the Miss Marple series by Agatha Christie. This was not Agatha Christie's first series, she started with Poirot, but I had bought a book bundle of all the Miss Marple series. :) 

Note: I am NOT going to post spoilers, in case anyone wants to add these to their to-read lists. I hate spoilers!!! 

The first book is Murder at the Vicarage. Miss Marple is an inquisitive and intelligent lady living in the quiet little town of St. Mary Mead. When a local man was killed at the Vicar's home, the entire town is all abuzz with speculation. Miss Marple is an amateur sleuth who solves the mystery by putting together the pieces of the puzzle! The second book is The Body in the Library. Colonel Bantry, also of St. Mary Mead, discovers the body of an unknown woman in his house.  

Miss Marple is an amusing character in that she approaches life with such a cynical view, suspecting the absolute worst in everyone. She examines the cases and finds similarities to other, less murderous incidents, (ex. hiding the body in the library was like the time little Tommy hid a frog in the clock), and connects the dots to find a solution. She is an entertaining character, and I love the fact that Dame Christie used an older lady as her main character in this series.

I had read both of these before, but out of order and a long time ago. Re-reading them was great! 

Next Up: The Moving Finger

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