Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Products I Love- Pet Edition

Good Afternoon Everyone! 

Welcome to my latest "Products I Love" post. This is about pet products (again lol) since a lot of things I buy are for my fur babies. Cats are so hard to please that I just have to share when I find things they love! 

I've tried different pet beds (pet pillows, memory foam beds, etc.) but they were always ignored (or torn apart). Cats... Then, I ran across this adorable cat bed that looks like a hamburger bun. 

Honestly, I expect them to ignore or destroy it like all the other beds I'd gotten for them. In this case, I was wrong. They LOVE this silly, adorable hamburger bun bed! The only thing they don't like is the little cushion that came with the bed. They pulled that out and use it as a toy. 

Merlin in the Hamburger Bun Bed 

This bed is awesome because the cats actually sleep in it, and I get cute pictures of them LOL! :) Get yours at the link below:

Cat toys is another hit or miss "cat"egory. I have oodles of cat toys lying about my house that are completely ignored. I also have tiny bits of toys they enjoyed so much they ripped it to shreds in minutes. 

Then, I found the Turbo Scratcher! It's basically a plastic disc, with a cardboard center they can scratch, and a small plastic ball they can roll around the edge of the disc. Seems lame, but they love it! It was one of their Christmas presents last year, and it's the only one they still play with! A great thing about this toy is that it serves as a scratching post as well as a toy, so it's functional as well. Unlike a scratching post, the entire Turbo Scratcher doesn't have to be tossed when it's been scratched to pieces. You can buy replacement cardboard discs as refills (we are on our third or fourth now!). I have included a link to the Turbo Scratcher as well as the replacement discs. Sometimes, I sprinkle catnip on the cardboard piece for even more fun! 

Here are the links to the Turbo Scratcher, the replacement cardboard refills, and catnip: 

Thank Y'all for reading! I hope your furbabies enjoy these products as much as mine have. Be sure to enter your email address to get all the latest updates from Pines and Peaches! 

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