Sunday, July 01, 2018

My Year With Agatha: Part I

Good Afternoon Everyone!

We are only half-way through and this year has been interesting, to say the least! This year has seen events that are sad, wonderful or a bittersweet combination of the two.

In May, I turned thirty! What a terrifying checkpoint (as everyone has warned me). That being said, I am making new resolutions to accomplish the things I thought I would have done long, long before now. Funny how time slips away unnoticed. 

My first resolution is to read all of Agatha Christie's books in one year. I've read some of her stories, hit or miss, but always meant to really crack down and read every single one. Read the series in order, read ALL the short stories, and even read her non-fiction works.

Therefore, I am announcing a new project, My Year with Agatha. My goal is to post once a week (on Fridays or over the weekend) and talk about which books I'm reading and what I took away from them.

After all, as an aspiring writer, who better to study than someone who has sold a record number of books (outsold only by the Bible and Shakespeare)? In addition, I found out that Christie's first book was published when she was thirty, so there's still hope for me yet! 

Each week, I will post next week's reading assignment, in case any of my readers would like to take this journey with me. Feel free to leave comments or suggestions!

To begin this journey, I am going to read An Autobiography. What better way to start a year with Agatha Christie than to learn about the writer in her own words? 

Let's get reading! Thank you for checking out my blog. Be sure to enter your email address to get all the latest updates from Pines and Peaches!