Thursday, July 05, 2018

Products I Love- GNC Pets Mega Ultra Hairball Formula

Good Afternoon All,

As a proud Cat-Mom of four beautiful kitties, we are always battling the hairballs (ugh). I adore my fur babies, but it is sometimes... less than pleasant to wake up and find a hairball hacked all over the carpet (Yikes!). Not to mention, the little guys sound so miserable when they are coughing one up. 

So I started trying different things to help alleviate this problem for my babies (and my carpet). I tried various "hairball control" foods, but they made little if any difference. Then, my mom suggested I try this stuff: 

GNC Pets Ultra Mega Hairball Formula has made the WORLD of difference. It really helps break down the hairball, making them less of a problem (and less of a mess). It has a toothpaste-like texture and tastes like a treat (it comes in chicken and salmon, I included a link for each). I smear a little on my cat's paw, and they will lick it right off. Just one dose and I can tell my babies are not struggling with their hairballs as much. Great product!!! I hope it helps your fur babies as much as it has mine! 

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